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A Virtual Teams Website Design
Virtual Collective
"MASON transformed our vision (and frustrations) into a gorgeous one-page website. The icons and animations they incorporated clarified exactly what we had been struggling to convey."

Shannon Ware, Co-Founder Virtual Collective
Doctor Office Website Design
Seeking to provide an online destination for clients to book appointments and educate themselves on their practice, Los Alamitos Surgery Center retained MASON to design and build a website that represented the clean, calming environment of their center. The website needed to allow patience to access important, relevant information as well as manage appointments and send inquiries.
Engineering and Construction Website Design
JMH Engingeering & Construction
The MASON team has been incredible to work with.They have been extremely helpful in building six different websites for our businesses. They provided tons of clarity, creativity and made the whole process seamless and stress-free. Any time we need a change or update, it happens timely. They know what they’re doing and get the job done. We’ve put them through the ringer and tested their abilities and they always come through. We’ve had our companies with them for more than two years, and there’s no reason to look elsewhere.

Matt Lovingier, President, JMH Engineering & Construction
Akribos XXIVE Watch E-Commerce Website Design
Akribos XXIV
One of three websites built for TWI Watches, the Akribos XXIV e-commerce experience was in need of an update in style, messaging and the purchase experience to better align the products with the fashion-forward audience the company sought to attract. International and domestic shoppers needed to be able to discover new timepieces, sort based on their preferences and complete their purchase. 
CBD Skincare Website Design
BB Lifestyle
MASON has become a critical part of our website management. They have been amazing at spotting issues before they become a problem and are quick to react to any user issues. They have helped to build our brands presence online with websites for all our international branches as well. Our website has never been cleaner and we could not be happier with their accomplishments.

Edward English, Operations Manager, BB Lifestyle
Business Solutions Website Design
A4 Resources
The MASON group is one of those rare teams that not only says all the things you want to hear on the front end, but they execute consistently throughout the project. They created our entire site from a simple idea. They provided options and feedback the entire way through, and we love the site they built and continue to maintain for us. They are reliable, responsive, creative and altogether excellent to work with. When changes are needed, they jump right on it. And, they are fun to work with. They are a breath of fresh air in an industry that all too often under-delivers. They have never asked for a referral, but I consistently point people to them.

Cody Miller, President, A4 Resources
South Bay Mediation
"Since hiring MASON to manage my website, blog and local SEO strategy, I’ve seen a consistently higher volume of traffic and qualified leads. They provide relevant, intentional content and monthly reporting, which helps me ensure my website and business are stable in performance. The team has taken the time to understand my business and what makes it unique. I feel like they truly care about my business."

Eric Piety, CEO, South Bay Mediation
Real Estate Website Design
Lolly Estates
Wanting to deliver a personable experience for clients on the search for a new home, Lolly Estates owner engaged MASON to help properly represent her fun loving style and effortless service. A branded-service website, users needed to be able to intuitively discover more information about homes of interest to them and to easily get in touch or find other resources offered.

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