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What website design and management services do you offer?

At MASON studio we offer website design, creation, hosting, management and marketing support. All of our service plans include the design and build of your website plus hosting and management. If you’d like additional support such as search engine marketing, advertising, email campaigns and the like, we got you, and will help craft a plan that meets your needs. Essentially, we offer everything a business needs to have a website that works for them and their business goals. The idea is—we get to do what we do best so that you can do what you do best and better than ever before.

What's the process?

The process is intentionally simple. We start with a 15-minute consultation call to learn about your business / website needs. We use this time to determine if our studio is the right fit to help you (we won’t take you on as a client if we don’t think we can help you meet your goals). If we mutually decide to move ahead, we’ll provide a project questionnaire and establish your website build / management plan. Once established, we’ll design your website (based on all the information we’ve collected in your questionnaire and any additional content /information provided along the way) and provide a preview for your review. We offer two complimentary rounds of revisions to ensure your website properly represents your business. Upon approval, we will launch your website with your domain name and security certificates in place. From there, we’ll be your website team, managing the total performance and experience on your behalf.

How long will it take to design and build my business website?

From our first kick-off call to website launch, we aim for 4-6 weeks, which allows for thoughtful industry discovery/ research, collection or development of content and your insightful feedback. And if it’s possible to get done sooner, we will.

How much do your website design and management services cost?

We charge a $999.00 deposit (at start of service) for the creation and build of your optimized, business website and then a monthly fee for the ongoing management and maintenance of your website, which is dependent upon your plan selection. Plans start at $299 per month (see all plans).

We require 12-month commitment and after that time if you choose to no longer work with us, you can purchase your website in full. Your deposit will be applied toward the total website purchase price, which is $2999 for a standard website. At that time you would be charged $2000 (the remaining balance) for full release of your website including all source files and assets.

Will you provide search engine optimization for my website?

There are many forms of SEO to allow for the varying (and thousands of) factors that Google weighs in order to rank your website such as page load speed, mobile usability, site visit frequency and length and more. Your website will be built and managed with consideration to all of this. All websites built by MASON include on-page search engine optimization meaning they are coded to the correct standards using search engine optimization best practices and the content on your website will be structured properly.

With the craft plan offered by MASON, we offer additional search engine optimization and search engine marketing services tailored to your business goals.

Do I need a domain name for my website?

Yes you do. Domain names are purchased using a registrar service, which allows you to officially register your website so it’s unique to you. As part of our service, we are happy to purchase and register your domain name on your behalf and as long as you’re on a plan with us, we will automatically handle the annual renewal.

Is my website hosting included?

Yes. All of our plans include the hosting of your website. As long as you are on a plan with us, your website is fully managed.

Can you manage my current business website?

This is not a service we currently choose to support. The reason being is that without knowing the exact details of your website build and possible customizations, we can’t confidently ensure that your site is working at its maximum potential nor that we can properly maintain it. However, we are reasonable and never one to turn down the opportunity to help; if you’d like to discuss the management of your website, we’ll listen—contact us.

Can you just design/build my business website without the ongoing website management?

This request isn’t practical unless you already have a web host and an annual domain registration (at minimum, this is needed for you to have a website). If you already have this in place and are looking to just have your website experience created then we can discuss your project with you; however, it would not fall under the packages presented here.

Do you offer contract terms for less than one year?

We do not. To be frank, we invest a lot in your website experience and online presence over the course of our relationship together, but more so in the initial six months. This includes the initial build and ongoing performance optimizations to give your business's website the opportunity to build a footprint within its category online. We put in this time with intention that your website and business will be around for the long haul. Because we are committed to long term success for your website, we ask the same in return.

How do I cancel your website management services?

Our required service term is twelve months from the initial month of service. Upon reaching the end of this term, if you would like to cancel, you must provide 30 days written notice. The final 30 days of work will commence on the first day of the following month and can be the twelfth month of service if notice is given the month prior.

If I cancel, can I take my website?

Yes. Your website was created for you and your business. Upon cancellation, we will apply the $999.00 paid toward your website design and build and you may purchase your website in full by paying the remaining balance. This will include all source files and assets.

Design & Development

Do you outsource your projects overseas?

No. All projects accepted by MASON are worked on by long-time MASON team members that are available to talk with you in your time zone.

Do I need to have all of my content prepared before you will design/build my business website?

No. We can use placeholder content to allow us to see the content presentation, while you’re still working on completing. The placeholders can actually help serve as a guide for the type of content (text/images) that would work best.

Do you only serve local business owners / businesses?

No. We are very familiar with working across all time zones and video-chats. Our website previews are accessible from anywhere as long as you can log in to a computer. We work with clients across and even outside of the United States.

I have a website idea but it’s not necessarily a business website; should I still contact you?

Please! We’re happy to hear about your idea and figure out if we’re a good fit for your project and discuss the plan of action. Book here to schedule 15 minutes with us.

Can you revise my current business website or finish my uncompleted business website?

Our answer is generally no because we’ve found that it’s more cost effective in most cases to rebuild than to retrofit an existing design to meet our standards of work. However, we’re happy to discuss your project and help determine what of the existing work can be leveraged and discuss which package would be appropriate.

I don’t see any work examples from my industry. Do you work with all types of businesses?

Yes. We have experience creating websites within most major industries. The examples listed are the industries where much of our demand comes from; however, we have experience creating websites within most major industries. Let’s chat and we can mutually determine if we are the right fit for your project. Contact Us.

Do your website designs work on mobile devices?

Absolutely. It’s quite likely that the majority of your website traffic will come from mobile phones, so it’s incredibly important to us (and your business) that the experience we create can translate across all devices. Responsive website design, which is a technique used to ensure your website is built to adapt to the layout and size of any device, can be used or in some cases a separate mobile design may be required. Regardless, we build to ensure that your customers can access and experience your website as intended, no matter their device

How many design revisions do you allow for?

The website design will include up to 2 rounds total of reasonable, complimentary revisions. These rounds include changes to the overall page layout and style; minor changes such as colors, font sizes, padding, margin and small placement changes to elements can be submitted anytime as part of the ongoing management service. If we find that additional rounds of revisions are needed, we’ll work with you on how to address with respect to everyone’s allotted time for the project.

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What our customers have said

"MASON transformed our vision (and frustrations) into a gorgeous one-page website. The icons and animations they incorporated clarified exactly what we had been struggling to convey."
Shannon Ware, Co-Founder, Virtual Collective
"Since hiring MASON to manage my website, blog and local SEO strategy, I’ve seen a consistently higher volume of traffic and qualified leads. They provide relevant, intentional content and monthly reporting, which helps me ensure my website and business are stable in performance. They are responsive and supportive."
Eric Piety, CEO, South Bay Mediation
"MASON has become a critical part of our website management. They have been amazing at spotting issues before they become a problem and are quick to react to any user issues. They have helped to build our brands presence online with websites for all our international branches as well. Our website has never been cleaner and we could not be happier with their accomplishments."
Edward English, Operations Manager, BB Lifestyle
"The MASON team has been incredible to work with.They have been extremely helpful in building 6 different websites for our businesses. They provided tons of clarity, creativity and made the whole process seamless and stress-free. We’ve had our companies with them for more than two years and there’s no reason to look elsewhere."
Matthew Lovingier, President, JMH Engineering & Construction
"The MASON group is one of those rare teams that not only says all the things you want to hear on the front end, but they execute consistently throughout the project. They provided options and feedback the entire way through, and we love the site they built and continue to maintain for us. They are a breath of fresh air in an industry that all too often under-delivers."
Cody Miller, President, A4 Resources
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